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Completed Access to Information Requests

As part of our continued commitment to openness and transparency, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provides citizens of the province with access to information about completed requests made under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The online posting is a summary of the information requested and responded to since January 1, 2013 by core government departments and applies to access requests received by departments for general information and not personal information requested by individuals. Responses will be published following a 72-hour period after the response is sent electronically to the applicant, or five days in the case where the records are mailed to the applicant.

The posting of completed access requests includes the file number and summary of each request, the department responsible, a copy of the final response letter to the applicant with all personal information removed and a copy of the responsive records. Any personal information is removed as this is protected under section 40 of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.

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Completed Requests

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Request NumberRequest SummaryDate PostedDepartment
JPS/55/2019[1] Records relating to the creation of a position in 2009.2019-07-12Justice and Public Safety
MAE/146/2018 All responsive records related to the recommendations by the Independent Expert Advisory Committee on Muskrat Falls. Please provide all records from and including April 4, 2018 through to and including December 21, 2018.2019-07-12Municipal Affairs and Environment
TW/85/2019 TP 11801167 - MSO for rental of equipment district #1 Avalon November 1, 2018 - current all records required (especially invoices submitted to govt & payments issued to vendors) TP 118011664 - MSO- Dump truck Hire - Avalon District #1 November 1, 2018- current all records required (especially invoices submitted to govt & payments issued to vendors). 2019-07-12Transportation and Works
TCII/49/2019 The transition briefing binder drafted in anticipation of the potential for a new minister to be appointed after the provincial election.2019-07-12Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
MAE/49/2019[1] Copy of the "as built" drawings of the Town of Cow Head for 1975.2019-07-12Municipal Affairs and Environment
NR/109/2019 I am requesting to have access to the most recent version of the mine closure plan for the Voisey's Bay mine. All operating mines are required to have mine closure plans submitted to government authorities describing how they will eventually close the mine and remediation the area, and so I am requesting access to this document through the Department of Natural Resources.2019-07-12Natural Resources
MAE/19/2019[1] Any and all correspondence between Government Officials and the Town Council of Little Bay Islands regarding the relocation of Little Bay Islands. Any and all documentation regarding the cost benefit analysis with respect to the relocation of Little Bay Islands.2019-07-12Municipal Affairs and Environment
HRS/31/2019 Please provide a cost breakdown for Public Service Week 2019. This would include cost of activities, receipts for food purchases and funding for social committees. Please also include breakdown of any productivity lost.2019-07-11Human Resource Secretariat
NR/112/2019 Any briefing notes related to the February 15, 2019 interim report by the PUB on rate mitigation options.2019-07-11Natural Resources
NR/113/2019 Any briefing materials related to the proposed option to sell NL Hydro assets to NL Power. You can limit the search to 2019.2019-07-11Natural Resources
TW/76/2019 All notes, emails and correspondence regarding community consultations on new ferry for north coast of Labrador from Jan. 2017 onward.2019-07-11Transportation and Works
NR/114/2019 On Thursday June 27, 2019 Siobhan Coady testified at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry. I am seeking any briefing notes or other briefing materials prepared by STAFF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES for the minister in anticipation of her testimony. Please note I'm not seeking anything that would be considered solicitor-client information.2019-07-11Natural Resources
HCS/87/2019 I would like any and all information & correspondence (emails, meeting minutes, faxes) regarding policy EHS 2003-09-62 (Training - Requirements - "Best Efforts") from January 2016 to present. This would include a detailed summary of all operators who have requested an exemption as per policy along with all supporting documentation for the basis of the exemption request. I would also like all correspondence within DHCS regarding the Auditor General Report - Annual Report, Part 2.10, January 2011 regarding the "Best Efforts" clause.2019-07-11Health and Community Services
EECD/48/2019 The transition briefing binder drafted in anticipation of the potential for a new minister to be appointed after the provincial election.2019-07-08Education and Early Childhood Development
TCII/50/2019 April 2019 briefing materials for the deputy minister and/or minister titled: - Overview of the Innovation and Business Investment Corporation; - Overview of the Business Innovation Agenda; - Overview on Cannabis.2019-07-08Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
FLR/53/2019 A list of briefing materials prepared for the deputy minister or the minister for the month of May 2019.2019-07-08Fisheries and Land Resources
TW/77/2019 Any notes, documents and correspondence to or from minster, deputy ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers regarding Kamutik W from April 2018 onward.2019-07-08Transportation and Works
FLR/55/2019 The transition briefing binder drafted in anticipation of the potential for a new minister to be appointed after the provincial election.2019-07-08Fisheries and Land Resources
EECD/50/2019 A copy of the most recent proposal submitted to government by the Conseil scolaire francophone provincial for building a new school in Galway.2019-07-08Education and Early Childhood Development
TW/80/2019 A list of briefing materials prepared for the deputy minister or the minister for the month of May 2019.2019-07-08Transportation and Works
TW/82/2019 The transition briefing binder drafted in anticipation of the potential for a new minister to be appointed after the provincial election.2019-07-08Transportation and Works
TW/79/2019 A list of the signs erected containing the "Way Forward" branding during the previous two years including the following information: The location, size, wording, approx. date it was erected and cost of the sign (including not just printing but all other costs like installation).2019-07-08Transportation and Works
TCII/48/2019 A list of briefing materials prepared for the deputy minister or the minister for the month of May 2019.2019-07-08Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
FLR/54/2019 Looking for a copy of the application that was completed which resulted in crown land being leased to Fox Marsh Trailer Park Inc I believe the lease number is 129217.2019-07-08Fisheries and Land Resources
JPS/50/2019 The transition briefing binder drafted in anticipation of the potential for a new minister to be appointed after the provincial election.2019-07-08Justice and Public Safety
EECD/49/2019 May 2019 information note titled CSFP New Francophone School.2019-07-08Education and Early Childhood Development
Records relating to matters of automotive insurance rates, claims, reform, and legislation from 16 February 2018 to present.2019-07-02Service NL
TW/75/2019 All records from 2017 to today in the custody or under the control of the Department of Transportation & Works or any other department of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador with respect to, applicable to, or discussing, the Quidi Vidi Village Slipway.2019-07-02Transportation and Works
SNL/73/2019 Please provide copy of all weigh scale information for all trucks owned by Mike Kelly and Sons that passed over the Pynn's Brook Weight Scales between October 01 and November 15, 2018.2019-07-02Service NL
AESL/36/2019 A list of briefing materials prepared for the deputy minister or the minister for the month of May 2019.2019-07-02Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
TCII/51/2019 Information regarding tourism marketing in Belleoram, NL. Time period 2010 to date of request.2019-07-02Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
NR/125/2018[3] I wish to receive any and all records pertaining to UNCLOS Article 82 with respect to the Bay du Nord oil project and /or other projects that may be developed and possible fall under this article in the future.2019-07-02Natural Resources
FLR/50/2019[1] I'm looking for copy of an agreement between the Government of NL and campers occupying crown land on Fox Marsh Road.2019-06-28Fisheries and Land Resources
Please provide any and all emails, documentation and correspondence, both internal and between TW and Department of Education, Service NL and/or NLESD from October 18, 2018 to April 3, 2019, pertaining to project 400934006 - 10800 - Mobile Central High Extension, Design Build: CP-2. Including but not limited to final costs of the project.2019-06-28Transportation and Works
FIN/47/2019 A list of briefing materials prepared for the deputy minister or the minister for the month of May 2019.2019-06-26Finance
IIAS/10/2019 Any reports or briefing notes, specifically on the subject of historical resources recovery and archaeological work, as related to the Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Development. The search should cover 2010 to present.2019-06-26Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat
EECD/45/2019 Emails from the Minister or officials to MHA Tracey Perry regarding the replacement of Bay D'Espoir Academy. Time period Jan 18, 2017 to date of this request.2019-06-26Education and Early Childhood Development
NR/110/2019 Please provide a copy of the letter sent by Minister Coady to Minister McKenna re specific amendments sought by NL to Bill C-69.2019-06-26Natural Resources
JPS/59/2019 I would like to know how many biological male* inmates are, or have been, housed in women's correctional facilities between January 1, 2019 and June 12, 2019. *By biological male I mean male human being (XY) regardless of gender identity.2019-06-26Justice and Public Safety
NR/102/2019 April 2019 Decision/Direction Note titled Future of the Bull Arm Fabrication Site.2019-06-26Natural Resources
JPS/52/2019 In Late May or June of 2009, An email was sent to all front line correctional staff at Her Majesty's Penitentiary from possibly Paul Taylor, Derrick Ayers or another individual. That email informed all staff at HMP of an upcoming union meeting to discuss the "Criminal Intelligence position." Seeking a copy of that email.2019-06-26Justice and Public Safety
SNL/72/2019 Service NL ATIPP June 16 2019 RE: Bonaventure Retirement Home ??? 57 Bonaventure Ave please provide: 1. The most recent fire inspection report for the building. 2. On the 2nd floor on an outside wooden deck there is a smoking area. Is this ok under the fire code? 3/ does Service NL get copies of fire call responses to the building 4/ re 3/ if not why not?2019-06-26Service NL
FLR/47/2019 Any information pertaining to Bottomless Pond, Division No.5, NL Crown land lease rejections and reason.2019-06-26Fisheries and Land Resources
AESL/39/2019 Number of individuals in Belleoram receiving government (AESL) services, such as income support and training support.2019-06-26Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
JPS/60/2019[1] Trial transcripts from a court case.2019-06-26Justice and Public Safety
FLR/49/2019[1] Information and records in relation to the visit by Lands Officer, on or about July 18, 2017 to the 4.0102 Ha of homestead and adjoining as delineated and outlined in the Schedule "A" attached hereto, known as: 1 Horsechops Lane, Cape Broyle, NL. 2019-06-26Fisheries and Land Resources
AESL/38/2019 Any and all labour standards complaints made by employees or former employees, and associated replies, correspondences, investigation reports, decisions, and other complaint-related material from within the Labour Standards Division, relating to the employer Big D's Auto Services Inc. carrying on business as the Orange Store convenience/gas bar (sometimes known as North Atlantic Orange Store) located at 100 Trans-Canada Highway, Gander, NL. Please provide records from within the last five (5) years.2019-06-26Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
JPS/62/2019[1] Emails between Constable Daniel Bennett and prosecutor Chris McCarthy regarding court proceedings in a specific trial.2019-06-26Justice and Public Safety
HCS/90/2019 All emails received or sent by Health Minister John Haggie in the last six months regarding nurse overtime, as well as briefing notes on the subject.2019-06-26Health and Community Services
HCS/83/2019 Any correspondence to or from the health department regarding patient-on-patient assaults or sexual assaults in long-term care homes in Newfoundland and Labrador from June 2018 to present.2019-06-26Health and Community Services

[1] Information redacted due to personal information.
[2] Information redacted due to third party information.
[3] Information redacted due to reference to cabinet record.
[4] Information redacted due to legal concerns.
[5] Information redacted due to policy advice.

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