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As part of our continued commitment to openness and transparency, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provides citizens of the province with access to information about completed requests made under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The online posting is a summary of the information requested and responded to since January 1, 2013 by core government departments and applies to access requests received by departments for general information and not personal information requested by individuals. Responses will be published following a 72-hour period after the response is sent electronically to the applicant, or five days in the case where the records are mailed to the applicant.

The posting of completed access requests includes the file number and summary of each request, the department responsible, a copy of the final response letter to the applicant with all personal information removed and a copy of the responsive records. Any personal information is removed as this is protected under section 40 of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.

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Completed Requests

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Request NumberRequest SummaryDate PostedDepartment
FLR/58/2018 I would like a map or a table listing the lats and longs showing the leases sites and hatcheries for fin fish aquaculture in NL. who owns them and how many cages can be maximally placed in each marine and freshwater site. The type and number of fish that can maximally be placed in each site and the current number of fish stocked at each site. The figures would be for Dec 31 2017.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/43/2018 May I have a copy of all the permits and leases for the open net pen sites issued to Gray's Aqua (now owned by Marine Harvest subsidiaries) and Northern Sea Harvest and its subsidiaries.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
IIAS/9/2018 All data wiring and fiber optic cabling / data interconnection and terminations within your department conducted by and for the department for the period of May 1, 2016 to current.2018-11-15Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat
IIAS/8/2018 Briefing materials, decision notes, and information notes - in any and all formats, including paper and electronic - about infrastructure requirements for the new St-Pierre ferry service. Date range of request is Jan. 1, 2018 to the present.2018-11-15Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat
CSSD/21/2018 The number of children that have been taken into government care where copied and drug addiction/use has been the sole or contributing factor(s). I'm looking for numbers from January 2016 to present.2018-11-15Children, Seniors and Social Development
FLR/48-49-55/2018 Information relating to sites involved in the fall/winter (October 31 and November 28, February 13) ISA outbreaks as reported by the CFIA? 2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/45/2018 May I have a list of all the antibiotics, antifungal, and antiparasitic compounds used in NL for 2016 and 2017 and the amounts used of each.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
CSSD/23/2018 Information relating to non-citizen children in state care. 2018-11-15Children, Seniors and Social Development
FLR/72/2018 Department to provide a copy of completed response to ATIPP request FLR/36/2018, which was communicated to the Applicant on or about May 18, 2018.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/51/2018 May I have the number of fish tested per active stocked open net pen lease using PCR tests for each the OIE reportable viruses including HPR0 ISAv for 2017 and to date 2018? May I also have the method of sampling i.e. contracted diver that both government and industry use, government only diver or staff, company staff, etc.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/47/2018 I would like all information and correspondence regarding government support to Carino and SeaDNA for activities pertaining to PhoqueFest 2018 including, but not limited to, the amount of Newfoundland government financial support of said festival.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/87/2018 Might I have a list of antibiotics, antifungal, antiparasitics, and other "theraputants" used in NL hatchery and land based fish holding facilities sites during the period of Jan 1 2016 to date and the amounts of each used.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/52/2018 May I have the list of sites that were issued permits to kill predators over the last two years. A list of predators killed (including but not limited to SARA protected endangered salmon sharks aka porbeagle sharks, protected giant blue fin tuna and seals) each year at each site and the methods used and allowed to kill them (e.g. predator nets, guns, hooks with bait, dive knife on a pole, etc.). May I also have a list of sites using acoustic harassment devices for these same years? How are #s and 2 enforces and monitored? May I have the list of sites allowed to use high intensity lighting at night?2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/50/2018 Did any of the CFIA ISA listed fish leave NL in 2017 and 2018? If so, may I have a copy of the export permit and any other permits, inspection forms, etc. required?2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FLR/46/2018 The complete file for Crown Lands Application No. 151879, File No.4005290 where in Whebhayes Inc. sought a commercial grant of land located at Hamilton River Road in the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
CSSD/22/2018 Data on the number of children who were permanently and/or temporarily removed from their parents/caregivers in the province of Newfoundland due to drug-related concerns, broken down by year from 2013 to present. 2018-11-15Children, Seniors and Social Development
CSSD/17/2018 The number of people with disabilities provided with residential supports in 2016-17 and the full program cost associated with various programs.2018-11-15Children, Seniors and Social Development
FLR/83/2018 A list of briefing notes and/or decision notes prepared for, and/or provided to, the minister for the months of June and July 2018.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
FRL/41/2018 Information relating to open net pens. 2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
CSSD/14/2018 All correspondence dated between January 2017 and May 2018 between departments and outside agencies related to the multi-year funding announcement to 22 community organizations announced on April 25, 2018.2018-11-15Children, Seniors and Social Development
IIAS/7/2018 Correspondence - in any and all formats, including paper and electronic - to and from Executive Council and/or the minister related to infrastructure requirements for the new St-Pierre ferry service. Date range of request is Jan. 1, 2018 to the present.2018-11-15Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat
FRL/44/2018 May I have a list of all aquaculture finfish processing plants for 2017. Please indicate those without effluent treatment (more specifically, treatment that is required by any plant that would be within 20kms of an open pen pen). Might I have the manufacturer, make, and model of such effluent treatments as are approved/required by the Province.2018-11-15Fisheries and Land Resources
SNL/83/2018 Regarding: Bus Regulations under the Highway Traffic Act. I would like to know how many permits, to which operators and under what circumstances has the minister issued permits to transport passengers to and from non-regularly scheduled special events where the minister is satisfied that adequate commercial transportation is not available. 2018-11-15Service NL
MAE/91/2018[1] Our request is focused on the decision by Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Andrew Parsons to release the Indian Head Hatchery Expansion Project (reg. 1975) from further environmental assessment. Specifically, we are requesting copies of all information, analysis, recommendations, and correspondence provided to the Minister about this project.2018-11-15Municipal Affairs and Environment
IIAS/13/2018 Any messaging prepared for the fall sitting of the house of assembly during the month of October 2018.2018-11-15Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat
FIN/87/2018 I would like a breakdown of the 2 billion dollar deficit reduction that the Premier keeps referring to from 2016 to today. Please provide the details as follows 1) Tax and fees revenue increases 2) Offshore oil/ Royalties increases 3) Other revenue increases 4) Expenditure reductions.2018-11-14Finance
EECD/19/2018 I am requesting a copy of the province's current sex education curriculum. I am also seeking any consultant reports related to such.2018-11-14Education and Early Childhood Development
EECD/14/2018 This request is for all data wiring and fiber optic cabling / data interconnection and terminations within your department. With this request, we are looking to receive a table/chart outlining all data wiring and fiber optic wiring / data interconnection termination work conducted by and for the department for the period of May 1, 2016 to current.2018-11-14Education and Early Childhood Development
MAE/114/2018[1] Letter of complaint to Western Director MA reference Howley Volunteer Fire Department and the funds from the 2013 Howley Come Home Year Committee.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/113/2018 Request for a copy of the Town of Salmon Cove's 2018 Municipal Budget.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/112/2018 I would like to have a comparison of Municipal funding (Either MCW or MYCW) received by the towns of Campbellton, Embree, and Lewisporte from 2012 to present. If possible please include each as a percentage of the total Capital works budget for the given year each allotment was received, and the project(s) that funding was spent on.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/111/2018[1] I would like to see any and all correspondence between the towns of Campbellton, Little Burnt Bay, and Embree and the Dept of MAE and Fire and emergency services between July 2017 to the present, regarding the regionalization of fire services in the area.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/108/2018 Looking for copies of proposal evaluations for all submission for the Request for Proposal for Consultant Services for Watermain Replacement and Sewer Upgrades, Phase 2, Town of Isle aux Morts. Evaluations to include score for each item evaluated, ranking, review comments and total technical score and cost score.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/106/2018 Looking for a list of all invited Request for Proposals (RFP) (municipal) issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment for the year 2018.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/105/2018 Copies of proposal evaluations for all submissions for the Proposal for Prime Consultant Services, Town of Bonavista, Phase II Water & Sewer, Route 235 (July 2018). Evaluations to include score for each item evaluated, ranking, review comments and total technical score and cost score.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs
MAE/103/2018[1] Records relating to a potential conflict of interest in Town of Conception Harbour. 2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/100/2018 Looking for any correspondence between the City of Corner Brook and Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment regarding funding for the replacement of the clubhouse at Jubilee Field.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/98/2018 I am requesting a list of all claims filed by the City of Corner Brook for storm damages under the Newfoundland and Labrador-Disaster Financial Assistance Program for the West Coast Flood Event, which occurred in January 2018, and the estimated costs associated with repairing these damages.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/87/2018 Our request is focused on the August 28, 2018 decision by Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Andrew Parsons to accept the environmental impact statement of Grieg NL for its Placentia Bay aquaculture project (Reg. 1834). Specifically we are requesting access to all correspondence, information, analysis, and recommendations involving the minister or provided to the minister for consideration in making this decision.2018-11-14Municipal Affairs and Environment
NR/241/2018 From the list of briefing notes provided in NR-189-2018 please provide the following note: ATLANTIC ACCORD REVIEW.2018-11-13Natural Resources
NR/244/2018 I am requesting information pertaining to the permit limitations of the Mining activity in the Victoria Lake area by a company called Marathon Gold. 2018-11-13Natural Resources
NR/246/2018 Copy of the note: Atlantic Accord Review.2018-11-13Natural Resources
NR/235/2018 Any Decision, Direction, Information, Meeting, Briefing or other such note created in 2018 regarding TECK RESOURCES LIMITED.2018-11-13Natural Resources
NR/225/2018 Any Decision, Direction, Information, Meeting, Briefing or other such note created in 2018 regarding ATLANTIC MINERALS LIMITED.2018-11-13Natural Resources
NR/210/2018 Any reports, studies or briefing materials relating to Fracking.2018-11-13Natural Resources
NR/160/2018 For the last twelve months please provide a copy of all records in the possession of the Department of Natural Resources relating to the Labrador Island Link and it's expected in-service date.2018-11-13Natural Resources
TCII/43/2018 Any and all records of any nature, in any medium or format, associated with TRIM, or HPE reference number (ID #) COR/01726/2018 and COR/02086/20182018-11-13Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
SNL/87/2018 In relation of Town of St. George's copies of all inspection reports for 2018 to date. This may be at Corner Brook Office.2018-11-13Service NL
FIN/88/2018 Information pertaining to the Carbon Tax from July 2017 until the present day. Specifically -Briefing notes - How much revenue is projected for the carbon tax in the 2019/2020 fiscal year and the 2020/2021 fiscal year.2018-11-13Finance
NR/248/2018 Briefing Note entitled "Newfoundland and Labrador Mining Industry Overview".2018-11-13Natural Resources

[1] Information redacted due to personal information.
[2] Information redacted due to third party information.
[3] Information redacted due to reference to cabinet record.
[4] Information redacted due to legal concerns.
[5] Information redacted due to policy advice.

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