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Completed Access to Information Requests

As part of our continued commitment to openness and transparency, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provides citizens of the province with access to information about completed requests made under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The online posting is a summary of the information requested and responded to since January 1, 2013 by core government departments and applies to access requests received by departments for general information and not personal information requested by individuals. Responses will be published following a 72-hour period after the response is sent electronically to the applicant, or five days in the case where the records are mailed to the applicant.

The posting of completed access requests includes the file number and summary of each request, the department responsible, a copy of the final response letter to the applicant with all personal information removed and a copy of the responsive records. Any personal information is removed as this is protected under section 40 of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.

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Completed Requests

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Request NumberRequest SummaryDate PostedDepartment
PRE/45/2017 Calendar entries re: auto insurance rates, claims and reform.2017-09-19The Office of the Premier
PRE/41/2017 All correspondence related to the RDC by the Premier, his officials and staff for the period of January 1, 2016 to July 24, 2017.2017-09-19The Office of the Premier
NR/74/2017 All documents from Jan. 1, 2016 onward referencing potential future revenue from the Lower Churchill Project (Phase 1).2017-09-19Natural Resources
NR/73/2017 Any and all communications to/from Nalcor Energy and executives from Jan. 1, 2017 to present regarding energy markets and/or future power sales.2017-09-19Natural Resources
SNL/69/2017 Calendar entries relating to auto insurance rates, claims and reform.2017-09-19Service NL
EC/29/2017 The Executive Council prepared transition briefing material for each general election after 2003. The material would be presented to the transition team and/or the premier designate following the election. Please provide an electronic copy of the portion of the briefing materials prepared in 2007 and 2011 with respect to government organization and operations (machinery of government). In the event that the incumbent administration was re-elected (2007 and 2011) the briefing material may never have been presented to the transition group or the Premier. If so, please provide the last draft of the material in 2007 and 2011.2017-09-18Executive Council
MAE/76/2017 On or about September 5/17 the RNC and/or RCMP received a report of a missing person , Ms. Allison Smith. Request any and all communications, correspondence, records of telephone/cell phone communication, requests for assistance from the police or any records that relate to this missing person case found within the department of Municipal Affairs including but not restricted to Fire and Emergency services.2017-09-18Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/67/2017 Current Certificate of Approval, Compliance Agreement or any agreements between Newsul Enterprises Inc. and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador related to their Sulphur Prilling Plant located in Come By Chance, NL.2017-09-18Municipal Affairs and Environment
HCS/78/2017 All briefing notes, emails and other correspondence between January 1, 2017 to August 14, 2017, related to potential fee changes regarding the Well Baby Care Visit code within the MCP Payment Schedule, and Well Baby Care check-ups provided by Public Health, as a potential area of cost saving.2017-09-18Health and Community Services
MAE/73/2017 ATIPP requesting water test results for Mobile Central High School from school opening in 2008 to present.2017-09-18Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/65/2017 Any Fines, Charges or Directives, issued or pending, Against Newsul Enterprises Inc. relating to their operations of the Sulphur Prilling Plant in Come By Chance, NL.2017-09-18Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/66/2017 Any Procedures (operating and safety) related to the operation of the Sulphur Prilling Plant in Come By Chance, NL. Operated under Newsul Enterprises Inc.2017-09-18Municipal Affairs and Environment
FIN/64/2017 We would like to get the copies of the record listing the unclaimed cheques (i.e. cheques issued and not cashed after a period of 6 months) drawn for all of the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador and/or agencies between January 1st 2016 and December 31st, 2016 and still outstanding on August 16, 2017.2017-09-18Finance
FA/41/2017 Any write-ups of scientific research (including memos, research papers, etc.) regarding the George River caribou herd, dated or likely to be dated between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2015.2017-09-18Fisheries and Land Resources
NR/69/2017 Please provide all correspondence to/from Ms. Lynn Sullivan regarding Oil Royalties for the Terra Nova Oil field.2017-09-18Natural Resources
FIN/63/2017 Please provide a listing of all payments from the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador to Tourism Bell Island Inc. from October 22, 2016 to August 21, to 2017. Please include the following information fields: Description of the Payment - Reference number of the payment - Amount of the payment.2017-09-18Finance
FIN/65/2017 Please provide all information and records - including email messages, letters, memos, and draft, preliminary, and final reports - related to the preparation of the Value for Money assessments that were undertaken in relation to two proposed projects to be built in Corner Brook: a Long Term Care Facility and an Acute Care Hospital.2017-09-18Finance
JPS/95/2017[1] Please provide all correspondence (including but not limited to emails, briefing notes, and Blackberry messages) relating to Andy Wells sent from July 1 to August 9, 2017. Of particular interest is the letter sent by Minister Parsons to Mr. Wells on July 19, as well as Mr. Well's reply to said letter.2017-09-13Justice and Public Safety
OLA/1/2017 All documents and correspondence including, but not limited to: briefing notes, text messages, emails (including attachments), handwritten notes, and any other record or document, electronic or otherwise, created between June 18, 2017 and August 14, 2017, referencing the protester blockade and/or closure of the Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.2017-09-12Office of Labrador Affairs
JPS/99/2017 The amount of total legal costs incurred in the prosecution of the following information: 2013-I-051-079, 2013-I-051-080, 2013-I-051-081, 2013-I-051-082, 2013-I-051-083, 2013-I-051-084, 2013-I-051-086, 2013-I-051-087, 2013-I-051-088, 2013-I-051-089.2017-09-12Justice and Public Safety
SNL/75/2017 Any Fines, Charges or Directives, issued or pending, Against Newsul Enterprises Inc. relating to their operations of the Sulphur Prilling Plant in Come By Chance, NL.2017-09-12Service NL
TCII/15/2017 Please provide any communication records (including but not limited to emails, letters, phone calls, or records of meetings) between any senior officials (Minister, Deputy Minister, ADMs, Communication Director) and Mr. Paul Mills. The timeline for this request is Jan 1 2017 to current. The topic of this correspondence may be related to innovation, research and reports, and economic diversification.2017-09-12Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
NR/63/2017 Please provide (1) the total amount of financial assurance that Tacora Resources, or its affiliates, has provided to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the rehabilitation and closure costs of the Wabush Scully Mine and (2) a copy of the rehabilitation and closure plan for the Wabush Scully Mine that has been accepted in accordance with the Mining Act.2017-09-12Natural Resources
TCII/17/2017 Please provide all correspondence between RDC's Board of Directors and the Department of TCII (including The Minister, his staff and officials) between the dates of January 1, 2016 to July 24, 2017.2017-09-12Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
JPS/96/2017 The total amount of fees owing to government as a result of violations of the Highway Traffic Act; - the total amount owed by the top 10 offenders; and - a total's owed by each of these top 10 offenders and their ages.2017-09-12Justice and Public Safety
SNL/76/2017 Any Procedures (operating and safety) related to the operation of the Sulphur Prilling Plant in Come By Chance, NL. Operated under Newsul Enterprises Inc.2017-09-12Service NL
MAE/51/2017 Any and all documents/information available between the Government of NL and the Town of Lewisporte regarding the new fire hall announced by Minister Dalley in October 2015, and also information regarding the proposed regionalization of the fire service in the Lewisporte area.2017-09-11Municipal Affairs and Environment
MAE/62/2017 Regulatory compliance request for residential property of 236-242 Ferndale Road, Ferndale, Placentia, NL.2017-09-11Municipal Affairs and Environment
TCII/19/2017 An itemized breakdown of expenditures in the Investment Attraction Fund for the 2016-17 fiscal year, broken down by payee, reason for payment, amount and date of payment.2017-09-11Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
MAE/61/2017 All records in any way relating to a fire at or near 21 Patrick Street and/or 23 Patrick Street, St. John's, NL, on or about July 7, 2010, including all reports to or from the Fire Commissioner.2017-09-11Municipal Affairs and Environment
FA/40/2017 A copy of all briefing materials provided to the new minister.2017-09-11Fisheries and Land Resources
TCII/20/2017 Please provide a history of all payments made by Marble Mountain Development Corporation; Department of Tourism, Culture, Innovation and Industry; and government TO Mountain Consultants and/or Tony Abbott from January 1, 2015 to present.2017-09-11Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
NR/67/2017 Please provide any briefing notes regarding the Terra Nova Royalty Regime and/or Suncor Energy which have been provided to the Minister, Deputy Minister, ADMS, or Communications Director from Jan 1, 2017 to current. Please also provide any correspondence from any of these officials (Minister, Deputy Minister, ADMS, or Communications Director) which discusses the royalty regime of the Terra Nova oil field or Suncor Energy. Please also include any communications to/from Suncor Energy regarding the Terra Nova Oil Field.2017-09-11Natural Resources
FIN/59/2017 Briefing notes prepared for Finance Minister Tom Osborne following his appointment as minister.2017-09-05Finance
TW/100/2017 New school on Middleton St in Virginia Park is built on a former US military dump. CBC reported that there was a study done and the government of NL received the report and the report raised some serious concerns. Another report was ordered by government. I am requesting the information on both of these reports.2017-09-05Transportation and Works
NR/83/2017 A list of all quarry permits including dates issued and names of companies issued to between January 1, 2016 and present for the communities of Markland, Whitbourne, Blaketown, South Dildo, Old Shop, Broad Cove (Trinity Bay), Dildo, New Harbour, Hopeal, and Greens Harbour.2017-09-05Natural Resources
NR/75/2017 I am requesting the information that was given on the permit for "Curnews Construction" that was given to Mr. Curnew from the Town of Stephenville Crossing [in principle] pending approval from all government depts to operate a gravel/rock quarry.2017-09-05Natural Resources
HRS/25/2017 I am requesting the number of management staff for the last four fiscal years, also including to date for this current fiscal year, within core civil service who may be above Step 25 on their respective pay scale, and the applicable Compensation Policy that was applied to determine their placement on the scale.2017-09-05Human Resource Secretariat
FIN/62/2017 Please provide all briefing materials and information notes (i.e. transition binder) provided to the new Minister of Finance, Tom Osborne upon entering the department.2017-09-05Finance
TW/101/2017 A copy of all briefing materials provided to the new minister.2017-09-05Transportation and Works
NR/77/2017 Any correspondence or briefing materials related to Agnico Eagle since January 1, 2017.2017-09-05Natural Resources
HCS/80/2017 With regards to the Tobacco Steering Committee meeting held in Regina on May 4, 2017: Please provide all records related to the meeting, including but not limited to emails, decks, memorandums, reports, meeting notes, and calendar items. Please provide all records from January 1, 2017 to the date of this request.2017-09-05Health and Community Services
TW/99/2017 Recently, the Auditor General suggested Government account for the liability associated with the presence of hazardous materials in/on Government property, materials such as asbestos, lead, PCB. Would Department of Transportation provide a list of vacant/underutilized Government property and the associated cleanup and/or disposal cost?2017-09-05Transportation and Works
SNL/73/2017 Regulatory compliance request for residential property of 236-242 Ferndale Road, Ferndale, Placentia, NL. 2017-09-05Service NL
NR/76/2017 Any correspondence between minister, deputy minister or assistant deputy minister at natural resources relating to Osisko Gold since January 1, 2017. Any briefing material prepared for minister, deputy minister or assistant deputy minister related or Osisko Gold since January 1, 2017.2017-09-05Natural Resources
FIN/60/2017 A copy of all briefing materials provided to the new minister.2017-09-05Finance
TW/98/2017 Briefing notes prepared for Transportation Minister Steve Crocker following his appointment as minister.2017-09-05Transportation and Works
HRS/26/2017 Please provide information regarding Summer Students employed in the Core-Public Service between March 1, 2017 and August 3, 2017. Please include the number of summer students in each department and physical location of employment.2017-09-05Human Resource Secretariat
JPS/90/2017 Please provide all correspondence regarding the closing of the Family and Child Office and the elimination of the enhanced child protection service through Legal Aid. This request will cover the time period of January 1, 2016 to July 24, 2017.2017-08-29Justice and Public Safety
WP/1/2017 Briefing notes prepared for Minister Siobhan Coady following her appointment as minister responsible for the status of women.2017-08-29Women's Policy Office

[1] Information redacted due to personal information.
[2] Information redacted due to third party information.
[3] Information redacted due to reference to cabinet record.
[4] Information redacted due to legal concerns.

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